Jenkins Family Daycare is here to support the children with learning, playing, and sharing with new friends.  We want your children to feel safe and comfortable as if our home is there second home.  Our hours of operations are Monday through Friday 6am to 6pm.

About Us

Jenkins Family DayCare - Helping You Build The Future of Your Child:

Our main focus is to offer experiences which will help develop your child with positive sense of self worth and value . We also strive to provide each child with social, creative, physical and emotional skills. We will provide them with lots of love and attention along with lots of fun daily activities to help them learn and grow. We believe all children should have a safe and happy environment. We do not allow hitting, biting, yelling, and name calling at any time. Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their friends. We will encourage all children to treat their friends and my home with respect. We provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on creative art. My program has daily crafts, songs, stories, circle time and so much more. We enjoy being outside. If weather is acceptable we will be outside at least an hour each day.



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